One of the most exciting parts of having a baby is picking out all the cute little outfits (even ones that seem ridiculously fancy), and isn’t that what it’s really all about? So of course, when you find out you’re having a girl, that is amplified by 400%. It’s simple to see why, just take a look at any kids clothing section : it’s 75% girls stuff. Throughout your life, it will always be a bajillion options for women’s clothes while guys get just enough choices to pick the same outfit for their entire life.

A lot of people talk about toxic masculinity, but what about toxic femininity? Boys will not just be boys anymore, while girls can and should do anything. As our world changes, we talk about raising our boys and girls right, breaking gender stereotypes, giving our kids equal opportunities to do and be whatever they want. And then I see something like this: a baby bow subscription service.

Now I know that looking a certain way doesn’t dictate your personality. Just because you want to wear a tutu and tiara doesn’t mean you can’t climb trees and play in the mud. Wearing your favorite team jersey doesn’t mean you can’t bake cookies or play with dolls. But it irks me when people have to assert that their baby is a girl. I dress my little girl in mostly boys clothes (just as cute, fits for longer, more color choices) and have had people call her a boy when complimenting her. When that happens, I don’t bother correcting them. But it happens when she’s wearing a yellow baseball shirt, or a gray and blue onesie. Why is she assumed to be a boy just because she isn’t wearing pink?

People can chose to dress their kids however they want, of course. Nobody should dictate how you want yourself or your kids to look. But is this extreme girliness worth $30 a month? Why not put that money into a savings account instead, or put it towards a family vacation fund? Almost anything else would be more worth while than a gender identifier.

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